Pre-4th Warmup Saturday June 30

The weekend is approaching and it’s time to get some sailing and sun in. This weekend we plan to do a club raft up & swim for those interested. It’s a busy weekend so we will be selecting a quiet cove. Parker Johnson will update the location Saturday (via email) based on wind direction/intensity/lake traffic.
If you are interested in rafting up or anchoring close by with your boat please reply here so we know how many to expect.
If you would like to go out but are not wanting to take your boat/want to hitch a ride for some swimming please also reply to me.
Also, we want to grill some burgers prior to going out at the pavilion! We have some leftover tequila from the Jimmy Buffett party as well for margaritas. We will start grilling at 10- planning to head out to anchor by noon! Come grab food before 11:45 if you want a burger. Reply to me if you plan to eat!
Thanks guys! Free to members. Guests $10 for food. Alcohol 21+
Remember, this is a busy weekend! Make sure if you are taking others out/going out on someone’s boat that you confirm life jacket counts prior to leaving the dock!
Thanks- see you at the pavilion at 10am Saturday!